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As an installer, you’re the person that will make the world a greener place. Your client has asked you to create a green oasis in their business, garden, patio, showroom, etc. and with Greentexx as a partner, we will make that come true.

You will need a green wall system that is tried, tested, and certified, while being straightforward to install and reliable in the long term (10+ years). That is exactly what our Greentexx flexible textile ecosystem can offer.

The composite has been designed layer-per-layer with SIOEN’s 60 years of expertise in technical textiles. The Greentexx composite is available as different products:

standard panels (2.25 m² per panel; 126 cm x 180 cm; 7.5 kg per panel; to be mounted using keders)

tailormade panels (2.25 – 13.5 m²; up to 45 kg for a single panel; to be mounted using keders)

small rolls (<20 m² per roll; 38 kg per roll; to be mounted using stainless steel staples on a plate)

Additionally, you have the choice between planting densities:

30 plants per m²: 15 cm x 15 cm pockets, checkerboard pattern, ideal for plantplugs to P9

45 plants per m²: 15 cm x 23 cm pockets, checkerboard pattern, ideal for P9 up to P12.

specialities (checkerboard or brick pattern; 22-88 plants per m²)

Choosing the planting density is striking a balance between investing in more plants, choosing a more detailed design, overgrowth between adjacent plants, and a more important drought and frost buffer. Please note that the planting density is related to the time required to completely cover the surface with leaves. Lower planting densities give individual plants more rooting space and more room for (optional) added professional growth substrate.

Download the installation manual & guidelines.

In case you are looking for help with profiles, plants, and the fertigation system, we can put you in touch with the Greentexx ‘Network of Experts’. These experts will assist you with dedicated Greentexx mounting frames, planting designs & pre-cultivation, and reliable tailormade fertigation units.

We offer the possibility for pre-cultivation our Greentexx composite via our “network of experts” for both indoor and outdoor greenwalls. The pre-grown standard panels can be shipped internationally using horticulture logistics firms after 8-12 weeks of pre-cultivation in the greenhouse. In this period of several week the plants root & develop in the textile composite from plugs and grow out to 80+% leaf-covered panels. For pre-growing, four pre-determined plant assortments are available, focusing on perennials with:

SPRING: fresh green foliage & flowering plants
AUTUMN: red-orange-brown foliage
ALL-GREEN: shades of green foliage & all wintergreen plants
FOUR SEASONS: small percentage of seasonally leaf-losing plants

Learn more about the pre-cultivation process & its benefits here.

No project is the same. Hence, we are ready to give customised advise.
Keep on reading for more dedicated installer information.

Why should you use Greentexx as a green wall installer?

Experienced team & proven certified system

The Greentexx team can fall back on 7+ years of experience with greenwalls, and lots more in our areas of expertise (technical textiles, plant nurseries, fertigation) The Greentexx flexible textile ecosystem can be used for your indoor and outdoor green wall projects. Looking for inspiration? Have a look at our references.

Service & support

As a certified Greentexx installer, we will support you to have the best chance of converting leads into projects. We will advise you based on our past experience and put you in contact with our “Network of Experts”. Our team & experts can help with plant choice, planting schemes, fertigation schemes, technical drawings, lidar scanning of the site, etc. If you have technical questions or need for additional tests, we can discuss the needs and support where we can.


Our experts are available to teach you how to install green walls based on the latest knowledge & years of expertise in the field. We have guidebooks & installation manuals available for download. For a more hands-on approach, we have a test-setup available at our HQ in Poperinge where you can experience the make-up of the system & practice mounting the system yourself. Additionally, you can visit our confectioning plant & meet the production team.

10-year limited warranty

We offer 10 years of limited warranty on the Greentexx composite.


Pre-cultivation is possible as well as planting on site. Pre-cultivation will immediately give a beautiful result, while you’ll have to be more patient with on-site planting.


Greentexx is available as tailormade panels that are to be planted on site, or as standard panels that can be pre-cultivated prior to installation. Tailor-made panels are labelled panels that are to be mounted on the wall much like a puzzle for a flowing plant pattern. All research & preparation is performed in advance by our team, so you can focus on an efficient installation process, setting up the fertigation unit, and the planting.

Easy planting

P9 plants can be planted directly into the pockets (15x15cm pockets) or a handful of professional substrate can be added (15x23 cm pockets). The choice of professional substrate & plants is often project specific, depending on the criteria of the customer and local conditions. If the customer wants a fully grown wall on day one, please consider pre-cultivation of our standard panels.

You have chosen Greentexx as your green wall solution?

Great! You have decided to work with Greentexx, and rely on our products and expertise. What happens next?

Get acquainted

  • Fill out the contact form and list any questions you may have.
  • We will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting to address your questions and introduce the product range and our services.
  • We will follow-up the first projects together (remotely or on site) and once you have completed the training, you will be a Greentexx certified installer.
  • As a certified installer we will share with you any green wall projects we are contacted about in a geographical area. You will be supported by our team via regular calls and periodic visits.

Purchasing procedure

  1. Share the project specifications with us:
  • outer dimensions of your project, CAD drawing, or a lidar scan
  • type of wall or support structure (must be load-bearing)
  • indoor & outdoor (incl. cardinal direction of the wall)
  • your preference for in situ planting or pre-grown panels
  • the projected start date for installation
  1. You receive a tailor-made price offer and technical drawing from us and our fellow experts for the textile, alu frame, plants, and fertigation unit
  2. Happy with the offer you received? Place your order, and ship the materials to you or the construction site.
  3. Mount the components you received.