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As an architect, you will need a system that offers many design possibilities and is both technically sound & certified.

If you’re planning on using a living wall with the Greentexx composite in your drawings, we can provide all required technical information and/or we will translate your designs in Greentexx CAD drawings.

Not sure how to incorporate a living wall? Have a look at our indoor and outdoor references and get inspired. Greentexx walls are light. Our green walls have been mounted on solid walls, insulation, support frames, and free-standing structures.

No project is the same. Don’t hesitate to contact us for customised product & service information.

Looking for practical insights & recommendations? Contact us and we will get you in touch with our Certified Installers.

Keep on reading for more useful information.

Why prescribe Greentexx as an architect?

10 years warranty

We got you covered. We offer 10 years of limited warranty on the Greentexx composite when working with a certified Greentexx installer.

Fire certificates

The Greentexx composite has acquired 2 fire certificates: B-s2-d0 and C-s2-d0 (according to Test standard: EN ISO 11925-2:2020 & EN 13823:2020 & Classification standard: EN 13501-1:2018). It can thus be used as a facade element or along evacuation routes inside buildings.

In – and outdoor

The Greentexx flexible textile ecosystem can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. We have different product types for more or less buffer against the elements (frost or heat). Looking for inspiration? Have a look at our references.

Tailoring & flex

The Greentexx composite is available in standard panels and tailor-made panels. Standard panels are ideal for square or rectangular walls. Tailor-made panels are available for freeform shapes.
Consider convex & concave shapes or warped designs. Adding a truly unique green signature to your designs.

Plant assortment & pre-cultivation

Greentexx composite has been developed in close collaboration with independent plant experts & plant nursery professionals. We have an expanding positive plant list of over 130 plants used previously in our trials & projects.
Pre-cultivation is possible using the standard panels. For all other project, planting on site is the go-to approach. Pre-cultivation, however, will give the finished look and the most robust plants from day one. Four pre-made plant mixes are available for your look and feel (fresh spring colours, red autumn colours, shades of green, and seasonal plants).

You plan on adding a living wall with our Greentexx composite in your designs?

You have chosen to work with Greentexx? Perfect!
What happens next?

Get acquainted

  • Fill out the contact form and tell us about your project.
  • We will meet to address your questions and to discuss your creative ideas.

Including Greentexx in your design

  1. Download our CAD data and Technical Data Sheets and include Greentexx in your designs
  2. Contact us to get in touch with one of our Certified Greentexx living wall installers to discuss the practical technical requirements & the preparation for the installation.
  3. Download the Greentexx specification texts to help prepare the tender procedure

Purchasing procedure

  1. Share your design and the dimensions of the project
  2. Our team and partners translate your design into a CAD drawing (when necessary, after a lidar scan of your project).
  3. You’ll receive a price offer and technical drawing from your installer.
  4. Happy with the offer? Once the offer is approved, your installer will take care of the project preparation, installation, and maintenance.
  5. The materials arrive at the construction site, are installed, and the wall is maintained by your installer.