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As a building-owner / contractor who is looking into living walls, you aim to lift your project to a higher level. Whether it’s about visibility, biodiversity, insulation or creating a green oasis, we can help get you there. You will want a green wall system that is fire-certified, affordable to get in place, reliable in the long term, is easy & affordable to maintain, and that has demonstrated advantages (thermal insulation, noise dampening, cooling, carbon and particulate matter uptake, biodiversity benefits, and visually pleasing). That’s exactly what Greentexx can offer.

Whether you want to include a green facade or an indoors stand-alone bench with a green wall included, it’s all possible with our Greentexx textile composite.

Not sure how to brief your architect yet? Have a look at our references to get inspired. Have your architect contact us and/or check out the ‘architects’ information page.

Find out more about the advantages of a living wall with our Greentexx composite below.

Why should you include a Greentexx living wall in your project?

In- and outdoor

The Greentexx flexible textile ecosystem can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Looking for inspiration? Have a look at our references.
Indoor walls are protected via a range of natural & biological agents to protect the plants and prevent infestations with e.g. flies.


Outdoor greenwalls are more biodiverse and have the benefit of attracting all kinds of pollinators, beneficial creatures, and birds.

Lifetime & warranty

We got you covered. We offer 10 years of limited warranty on the Greentexx composite when working with a certified Greentexx installer.

Signature design

Greentexx is available as both standard and tailormade panels which can be used to create living walls in all types of shapes.

Stunning result on day one

Greentexx composite has been developed in close collaboration with independent plant experts & plant nursery professionals. We have an expanding positive plant list of over 130 plants used previously in our trials & projects.
Pre-cultivation will give the finished look and the most robust plants from Day One. Four pre-made plant mixes are available for your look and feel (fresh spring colors, red autumn colors, shades of green, and seasonal plants).

Fire certificates

The Greentexx composite has acquired 2 fire certificates: B-s2-d0 and C-s2-d0 (according to Test standard: EN ISO 11925-2:2020 & EN 13823:2020 & Classification standard: EN 13501-1:2018). It can thus be used as a facade element or along evacuation routes inside buildings.

Acoustic and thermal insulation

A green wall keeps your building and environment cool in summer and keeps the heat inside in winter. Our own research shows that the experienced temperature drops by 5°C during the hottest parts of the day during summer. Moreover, the green wall itself is 50% cooler compared to regular brick/concrete walls, which will allow the environment to cool down faster during summer nights.

You want a living wall with our Greentexx composite?

Great! Let’s have a look at how we can proceed.

  1. Get acquainted

Check out our reference projects on our ‘inspiration’ page.

Fill out the contact form, describe your project and list the questions you may have.

We will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting to address your questions and to discuss your creative ideas.

We can put you in touch with a local Certified Greentexx Installer and/or train your contractor in order for him to install & maintain your Greentexx wall.

  1. Purchasing procedure
  • Contact us or the Certified Greentexx installer in your area and share your project details
  • Meet with us or the installer and share your criteria & preferences (timing, approach, style, …).
  • You’ll receive a price offer and technical drawing from your installer.
  • Happy with the offer? Once the offer is approved, your installer can place the order.
  • The materials arrive at the construction site and are installed.