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Greentexx, the Sioen solution for green walls, combines nature and technology. It is an engineered textile composite made of nonwovens, grids and tarpaulin and provides a habitat for plants, birds, and insects where normally no greenery would survive.

Result of inhouse collaboration

1. Sioline: the direct coating brand of Sioen produces the waterproof and flame retardant backing of the Greentexx composite.

2. Sioen Weaving: weaves the base layer for this backing in a tight weave so it is solid and supple at the same time.

3. Sioen Spinning: produces the special yarn that is used to weave the solid backing.

4. Sioen Chemicals: produces the pigment pastes that are used to coat the base layer. The special formula makes the fabric water tight and flame retardant.

5. Sioen Technical felts: produces the retention felts with special fibres to ensure maximum and equal spread of water in the roots of the plants.

6. Veranneman Technical Textiles : produces both the heavy duty grid at the edge of the composite and the small rectangular grid that gives grip to the roots of the plants.

7. Coatex: bundles all 6 technical textiles in one and makes sure that they form a tailored composite ready for installation.

Result of external collaboration

Now the Greentexx product is available, it’s used by many different partners:

1, The owner of the building: this is the final client. The one who decides whether or not the building will be covered with a green wall.

2. Frame producer: the company that produces profiles that can hold the Greentexx composite. Frame producers with expertise in the tensile architecture business or frame extruders with experience in tensioned structures. Our preferred partner is Vervaeke Artextile.

3. Watering system: systems that are readily available on the market. Our preferred partner is Mastop Totaaltechniek.

4. Breeder of plants: any local breeder will be able to help in the choice of plants, depending on the situation of the green wall. Our preferred partner is Denis Plants.

5. Installer: The company that installs both frame, Greentexx composite, watering system and plants. Our preferred partners are Ecoworks [BEL], Van Vlierden (BEL), Central Park Concepts (NED), and Vert-Tical (FRA).

6. Maintenance: Often is the same as the installer. Sometimes it’s a local gardener.

As you can see, plenty of partnerships that lead to the perfect Greentexx vertical ecosystem. The solution for green buildings and cooling down cities.


Advantages for the installer are multiple: lightweight, can be free formed, ultra-thin, easy to install on both small and extra large surfaces, pre-cut pockets for fast and easy planting, integrated watering sleeves and many more. Using Greentexx is also a major time (and by consequence also cost) gain, which in times where good craftsmen are hard to find is also a decisive advantage, compared to other green wall solutions.

Advantages for the client: There are plenty of scientific reports that emphasise the importance of greenery in our daily lives. Studies have shown that integrating green in cities, offices and public spaces has numerous advantages: reducing heat stress, improving mental health, increasing biodiversity, providing insulation, making visual barriers to name a few.


On our website, you’ll find plenty of references both in- and outdoors that showcase our Greentexx composite.